Being a volunteer run charity, CCYFC are always looking for local support. Local businesses find sponsoring CCYFC very rewarding and can be beneficial for your business.

The sponsorship helps to:

  • Build links between your business and the local community.

  • Enhance your business image.

  • Increase local awareness of your business.

  • Build goodwill among the community and other local businesses.

  • Promote your business and attract new customers.

Are you able to join us as a TEAM SPONSOR or TOURNAMENT SPONSOR?

  • On average a team kit is worn for 2-3 seasons before it needs replacing. This can range from approx £250-£350.

  • Tournament sponsors are included in the Tournament Program along with banners across the site. Choose either our Boys Tournament or Girls Tournament or both!

Please contact our Fundraising Officer to get involved - email :